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Dressing Flash is also ...

A "chic" cabaret act presented by Anne which will make you discover her hidden talents!

Magic, dance and seduction will be at the rendez vous of this sexy & completely crazy number!

Forever Crazy Act
Forever Crazy Act
Forever Crazy Act
Forever Crazy Act

Chris presents an original and unique act in France : "Ca Cartoon !"

20 min public number where Chris parodies singers using cardboard costumes that transform with music! It is surprising.

A concept that will be a hit !

On the program: Brice de Nice, Daft Punk, ZZ Top, Village People, James brown, Barry White, Beyonce, Freddy Mercury, Obispo, ... and other crazy guests then a titanic finale with Céline Dion!

Chris has created 2 new numbers in 2 completely different universes:

  • The portrait

  • The Magic Artist

Each issue is based on the same principle with a first part of close up magic broadcast on the big screen then a surprise in the end!

Chris, professional magician offers his services to animate meals or cocktails with magic Close up.

Magic a few inches from the public eye ! Card tricks, coins, tickets, rings, ...

Chris also performs shows of traditional and participatory magic for children or adults.
Quotation on request.

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